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Lee Allen Photography

13th March, 2009.

Lee Allen has just launched his new web site with the web2 factor which includes a blog. He is now doing business under his own name, specialising in portrait, wedding and music photography.

Lee Allen is a self-taught photographer who originates from the wilds of Norfolk and now lives in the West Midlands. His friendly approach, coupled with his knack of capturing that “moment”, has seen him work for national magazines through to the BBC.

From the regal surroundings of a wedding in a stately home to the sweaty confines of a small club gig, Lee always approaches each job with the same level of commitment and professionalism ensuring breathtaking results every time.


What does CitBC cover, and how to contact us

13th March, 2009.

What does Created in the Black Country cover?

CitBC covers the Black Country’s artistic and creative communities. If you’re not sure if that includes whatever craziness you’re into then send the info anyway, what’s the worst that can happen?

How to get onto CitBC

If you would like to get your creative endeavours talked about on Created in the Black Country please follow these guidelines:

If it is our first contact, please tell me:

  • Who you are?
  • Where are you based?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you want to promote or discuss?
  • A link to a web site if you can.
  • How can readers contact you? Address, phone number, web address, e-mail, Twitter etc.
  • Please attach further information as a text document, a word file or PDF.

I don’t always reply back to all of the emails I recieve, so please check CitBC to see if I have covered it.

I will also subscribe to any feeds you send me, however I do prefer e-mails.

Be aware that anything you send in may be reproduced on the blog in an unedited form.  So be nice and use a spellchecker.  That includes press releases and flyers.

Please be aware that Created in the Black Country is not a comprehensive listings service.


There’s too much music-related stuff going on in the Black Country, more than Birmingham, to do a decent job of covering it here – other places do a better job of that. Basically, if you’re a band/DJ/promoter and you’ve got a gig coming up then don’t expect a mention unless there’s a wider context to tie it into (festival, album release, venue launch).

New Blog – Created in the Black Country

13th March, 2009.

Well welcome.  I have decided to start a new venture, Created in the Black Country.

This is my second new project in two days, I also run the Black Country Social Media Cafe web sites.

So what will this blog become?  It will be just like the multi award winning Created in Birmingham, but only covering the Black Country.  I hate to say this is “under construction” (so 1996!), but it is for now.

I have started this because of relentless “just do it, please!” from the likes of Jon bound, Kate Spragg, Pete Ashton and many.