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Rhubarb-Rhubarb presents Hungry

23rd March, 2009.

To coincide with Rhubarb’s tenth birthday, photographers in the UK are invited to apply for the new Rhubarb/Arts Council Bursary Scheme 2009, where the ten chosen will be profiled at the Rhubarb International Review – July/August this year. Five photographers will be chosen from the West Midlands region and five from the wider uk.

Winners will receive

  • An exhibition of their work at Wolverhampton Art Gallery
  • Prints produced by Genesis, London
  • Free Ticket for the Rhubarb International Review Seminar on Thursday 30th July 2009
  • Attendance at the Rhubarb International Review Portfolio promenade – Saturday 1st August
  • A free Place at Cultivate, offering 3 twenty minute sessions and a day of Seminars


  • A free day at the Rhubarb International Review, offering six twenty minute sessions with some of the world’s most renowned photographic fine art curators, gallerists, publishers.

(depending on which category you enter)

please go to for full details.


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  1. 11th December, 2009. 2:23 pm

    Oh my god enjoyed reading your blogpost. I submitted your feed to my blogreader.

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