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New Blog – Created in the Black Country

13th March, 2009.

Well welcome.  I have decided to start a new venture, Created in the Black Country.

This is my second new project in two days, I also run the Black Country Social Media Cafe web sites.

So what will this blog become?  It will be just like the multi award winning Created in Birmingham, but only covering the Black Country.  I hate to say this is “under construction” (so 1996!), but it is for now.

I have started this because of relentless “just do it, please!” from the likes of Jon bound, Kate Spragg, Pete Ashton and many.

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  1. jaynehowarth permalink
    13th March, 2009. 11:51 am

    it’s a great idea and long overdue. Hope to be able to join in

    Jayne Howarth

  2. 13th March, 2009. 12:05 pm

    Good move Simon! will try and make the meet up

  3. 7th April, 2009. 6:52 pm


    Heads up on this site

    Its been running since Nov 2006 and gets excellent traffic and a good following.

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